Billy Bogdziewicz, pronounced Bog-da-witz. I was born and raised in the mitten (aka Michigan). After college I moved down south and I discovered that barbecue is not simply throwing some burgers on the backyard grill. I also discovered an interest in photography that, while it started as a hobby, has developed into much more. Over the years, I have studied a range of techniques, expanded my knowledge of software and equipment and absorbed as much as I can from other photographers in the industry. With a background in packaging design, I’ve built an approach to my work that blends both the creative and the technical — a helpful skill that I apply every day to every project, every shot.

When I’m not in the studio taking photos, I really enjoy brewing coffee, trying a new craft beer and playing ice hockey (but not necessarily in that order).

I’m always interested in new work, please contact me to discuss how I can help you with:

  • Product photography

  • Digital Tech services

  • Studio/shoot assisting

Billy Bogdziewicz Photography, LLC is a member of ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers) and is based in Richmond Virginia.

All Images Copyright © Billy Bogdziewicz